Wednesday, June 20

a newlywed apartment: our living room

we are finally settled! :)
our apartment is super tiny, but super cozy!
imagine a shoebox with curtains and mis-matched furniture.
perfect for newlyweds. :)

it's amazing how much of a difference hanging a few (or a ton) frames and shelves on the walls can make.
 bryce was such a trooper.
he owned that hammer and level,
and our living room is fabulous because of it.

when you walk in, 
this area is the first thing you see, so the curtains were an important purchase.
since the walls and floors and cabinets are all neutrals and browns,
the rug helps to bring so spice & color into the room.

curtains - ikea, rug - target, chair - my parents

our bookcase/tv stand, tv, and shelves.
those four baskets may or may not be full of arts & crafts supplies. :)

entertainment center - ikea, wall hanging - hobby lobby, 
baskets - target, frames - thrift store & spray paint

this trunk has been a great space saving piece.
it's super cute, and also holds all of our blankets and games!
fabulous and functional for the win! 

life is good & owl metal art - hobby lobby, 
frames - thrift store & spray paint

shelves - home depot, trunk - crate & barrel, 
rug - world market
this is my favorite wall,
full of frames and sweet lovey-dovey prints.
are you overwhelmed by the frames?
i have a rather large obsession love for photos.
believe it or not, i have another box of frames sitting in the closet.
i just couldn't do that to bryce.

love seat - hand-me-down, 
throw pillow and blanket - target

the majority of these frames and pieces were used at our wedding, which makes them that much more special. i love being surrounded by encouraging words and photos of friends and family.

 p.s. recognize a few of those pieces on the wall??
 inspired by pinterest!
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 so, what do you think?
too girly??
do you have any small apartment decorating tips??


  1. Oh my GOSH! I love love love it!
    Especially your gallery wall with your "Our Love Story".
    It is a beautiful space!

    1. thank you!!! :) i love decorating, it's probably one of my favorite things to do!

  2. There is nothing mismatched about your apartment. It is exactly as it should be - perfectly AWESOME!! I love it Sarah; looks like you and Bryce are building a comfortable & cozy home.

  3. This is all AMAZING!!!! Looks just like you :)

    1. thanks caitlin! :) hopefully you'll get to see it in person soon!!


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