Thursday, June 28

the perfect honeymoon, part 8

our last day in mexico was bitter sweet.
we were sad to leave our beautiful hotel and beautiful cabo,
but we were also so excited to go back and see our friends and family,
and share our stories and adventures with them.

room 420! :)
anytime we told a hotel staff members what room we were in, they would smile or chuckle to themselves.
we get it!
soooo funny. :)

in the lobby of our hotel,
the marina fiesta.

i'm pretty sure i consumed at least 3 coca-cola lights a day...if not more.
i can't explain it,
but they were just too fantastic to put down.
i might have slipped a few in my suitcase....i'll never tell. :)

the ocean from the plane.
adios mexico!
see ya next time!

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