Monday, June 4

hey there monday!

dear monday, how's it going? are you just as excited to see me as i am to see you? the weekend flew by and here you are again, kicking off another work week. never fear, i've got my kari jobe pandora station playing, and a giant glass of iced coffee sitting close by, so i'm feeling good about this one.  plus, my dad is in town today and we get to have dinner with him tonight! so many good things to look forward to, so this monday is no doubt going to be awesome.

dear NBA Playoffs, you're causing me stress, and i have absolutely no idea why. the only team i have emotional ties to is the Mavericks, and really, it's more in honor of my brother than for my love of the game. i've been watching the games with bryce, and it's interfearing with my sleeping patterns.  i get so revved up and excited that i can't fall asleep. i just really don't want Miami to win.

dear chubby sticks,  your hulu advertising is positively, 100%, working. if i wasn't trying so hard to impress my hubby with my ability to stick to a budget and not shop till i drop, i would probably already own 3 of you.  i think that using this would be equivilant to drawing on my face with a crayon, and for some reason, that makes me want it all the more!

whopping watermelon, cubby stick by clinique

dear hubby, you are the bomb, tick tick.  thank you for hanging up dozens of pictures, frames & shelves. thank you for helping me move and remove furniture. thank you for wandering around the home decorating aisles of macys, dillards, and target with me and carrying everything i picked out. thank you for letting me hang the giant antique window screen on the wall, and for trusting my promise that it won't fall and decapitate you in the middle of the night. our apartment is now fabulous and it's all because we are the greatest team there ever was. :)

happy monday yall! :)
i hope your week is full of fun and blessings!


  1. Bwaaaahahaha, "Dear hubby, you are the bomb, tick tick." literally made me laugh out loud. Love this. Also, I don't think I could ever get into the Chubby Stick mostly because of the name. Awkward.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. (Super delayed in catching up with my blog reader, obviously, but...)

    I don't want the Heat to win, either!! I'm a Mavs fan as well and even though they beat the Mavs first round, I gotta go with OKC.

    PS, I hope when the apartment is all arranged and such you show us pictures (:


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