Tuesday, June 5

the perfect honeymoon, part 1

yup. i made bride and groom shirts. 

[inspired by this super cute etsy shop: the armor of God]

i loved all the shirts and dresses in her shop,
but since i didn't have time to place an order, i had to improvise.
i think they turned out pretty ok!
plus, i was able to use some scraps from our bunting projects, 
so they matched. :)

 bryce and i in the air. :)
our first flight as mr. and mrs. chastain!

and we even got to exit the plane using stairs.

i've always wanted to exit a plane that way.
it makes me feel vintage and classic,
like jackie o or audrey.

i know it's just because the los cabos airport is small,
but i like to think bryce planned it that way,
just for me,
because he loves me that much. : )


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