Tuesday, June 12

the perfect honeymoon, part 3

one morning, we took a water taxi to check out the three beaches at the base of the penninsula:
pelican beach,
divorce beach,
and lovers beach.

 recognize the arch?
i think this photo looks fake, but it's real i promise! :)

recognize that sea lion??
it's pancho!
this section of the penninsula is called lovers beach.
it's a beautiful, calm area at the base of the baja sur, on the edge of the pacific ocean.

the boat driver dropped us off on pelican beach which is also a popular snorkling destination.
we braved the icy-cold waters for the longest 20 minutes of my life.
i learned that i am a terrible snorkler.
i couldn't figure out how to breath in my snorkle and
had an anxeity attack in the middle of the ocean.
i'm a spaz.

bryce and I on pelican beach!

you know your husband loves you when he waits till your back on land and verifies you're a-ok before laughing hysterically at your near death experience.

true love.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you're still alive!!

    And it has t obe said - you look smokin' hot in your highlighter bikini!!


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