Tuesday, June 26

the perfect honeymoon, part 7

on our final night in Cabo, we took a trip to The Office.
The Office is the ultimate tourist destination on Mendano Beach,
so of course we had to check it out!
the tables are out on the beach, so you can feel the sand in your toes as your sippin your rita! :)

 bryce ordered a classic margarita on the rocks,
and i ordered a miami vice,
half pina colada, half strawberry daquiri.

 we decided to take a quacamole break and try out some authentic mexican queso.

 the wall of tequila!
some of the bottles should be classified as works of art.
handpainted, hand tiled, just beautiful.

this is my fav photo of bryce!
when we were walking home, we walked past this mural.
bryce thought the girl was inappropriately dressed, so he tried to guard my eyes and cover her up.
modest is hottest! ;)


  1. Modest is hottest! :)
    Loved the pictures!

    1. thanks amy! :) it took me a second to figure out why my hubby was putting his hand on some girls booty...but then i realized his sweet intentions. :) haha


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