Thursday, June 21

the perfect honeymoon, part 6

have you ever been ziplining?
i'm not talking about zipling at summer camp,
i mean ziplining for half a mile at 40 mph over a canyon filled with cactus and snakes in the middle of the mexican desert.

we hiked up the sides of the canyon to get to the top so we could zipline across to the other side.
some of the lines were up to half a mile long and we got up to 40 miles an hour.
some of the lines were so steep that you had to ride tandem to make it across, so bryce and i got to scream down the zipline together! :)

i'm not going to lie,
this experience left me sweaty,
and i'm pretty sure i complained a few times,
but i am so glad bryce thought to sign us up for this fun adventure.  
i had a blast.

it's kind of hard to see,
but the dark blue in the middle of the photo is the ocean!

how unbelieveable is it that the giant ocean is so close to a giant desert?
the LORD's creation is so perfect and so fantastic.


  1. Ended up over here from your award from Amy at Taking Steps Home! I have looked around a bit and added you to my list of followed blogs....Your apartment pics are cute! I love the shelves. Looking forward to reading more great posts!


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