Tuesday, June 19

the perfect honeymoon, part 5

even though our hotel was all-inclusive,
we decided that we wanted to try a few local restaurants downtown.
so after doing some research, we decided on a little place called Maria Corona.

bryce got a manly lime margarita, and mine was mango.
caution...the locals loveeeeee their tequila.
those margaritas knocked us off our feet!

the trees were filled with super cute beehive lanterns.
i really wanted to take one home,
but i had already bought too many souvenirs. oops! :)

 fajitas served in a molcajete.

 teeny tiny corn tortillas.

p.s. this is one of my fav photos from our trip. :)

this was our favorite meal of the trip and one of my favorite memories.
we had yummy margaritas, the best guacamole we've ever had in our lives, and fabulous fajitas.
it was fun to be brave and go downtown and eat in an authentic mexican restaurant.

a fantastic date night for the win! : )

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