Sunday, July 22

yummy roasted red potatoes

last week, a sweet lady at work brought in fresh rosemary she clipped from her garden, and i knew i had to use it! 

growing up, my mom had an herb garden in our backyard.
she had all sorts of fun plants and herbs growing, but one of my favorites was rosemary.
i think it was one of my favorites because she used it a lot in different recipes like focaccia bread or roasted potatoes. plus, being able to run out to the backyard and snip something from the garden makes it a little more special.

this recipe for roasted red potatoes is definitely a crowd pleaser. 

what you need:
2 small red potatoes per person
olive oil
fresh rosemary
salt and pepper

first, preheat the oven to 475degrees. (it drives the bub-hub nuts when i forget to preheat the oven...oops!)

second, wash and chop the potatoes.  
there's no need to peel the skins, just scrub the dirt off and cut out all of the bad sections. chop them pretty thin, and in small chunks. the thicker the chunks, the longer they will need to spend in the oven. once they are chopped, place in a baking dish or casserole pan.

third, drizzle a light layer of olive oil over the potatoes. it doesn't take much, there shouldn't been any puddles in the bottom of your pan. strip the rosemary from the stems and sprinkle on top.  add salt and pepper to taste.  toss everything together and spread the potatoes evenly in the pan.

fourth, stick them in the oven and bake for about 45 minutes. take them out every fifteen minutes or so and stir them around and scrape them off the bottom of the pan.  they should start to shrink up and turn brown around the edges. depending on how big your batch of potatoes is, the time may be shorter or longer. helpful right??

fifth, pull 'em out and eat 'em up!

enjoy! :)

we had these tonight along with some salad with balsamic vinaigrette and garlic & brown-sugar baked chicken.
perfect dinner for the bachelorette season finale! :)

p.s. i updated my blog header and finally have a blog button! :)
what do you think??


  1. I LOVE your header!! And the potatoes look delicious.....yum!

  2. Love the button the header and baking potatoes like this!

  3. MMM looks delicious!
    Also i just noticed your new header/button! LOVE it!?!? Where did you get it done? Or did you do it yourself?

  4. Looks delicious!! Can't wait to try! Your header & button look great!!


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