Monday, July 9

peppy prints for a monday

today, i'm feeling inspired.
i had a fabulous weekend.
i spent the weekend working on my besties upcoming shower invitations, started a new work out class, hung out with my hubby, and played a few hours of just dance.
i've decided to be optimistic about this week.
i'm going to be excited about the postive things,
and try not to get beat down with the frustrating things.
print found here
this print is so refreshing.
pretty sure i'm going to order it and hang it up right above my computer screen.

here's another little pep up quote for your monday:
 am i the only one who loves peppy, inspirational quotes?
they can really turn around your day.
do you have any peppy quotes to share?

1 comment:

  1. That's the best way to be! OPTIMISTIC! i love it, Me too, i'm joining you, optimistic attitudes for the week unite!


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