Wednesday, July 25

christmas in july

i'm on a christmas kick.
for some reason,
95% of my pins from the last week revolve around christmas.
my bad.
i think 100degree weather and high humidity have me dreaming of cooler temperatures and santa's reindeer...153 days till christmas! :)
o. and most of these are sweets too.
my bad again.

these are so cute!
i'm a huge fan of peppermint, marshmallows and hot chocolate,
so i'm pretty sure me and these marshmallow stirring sticks are destined to be besties.

i'm not really sure if i'd be able to eat a cookie a cute as one of these,
but i probably would.

Source: via Sarah Grace on Pinterest

peppermint whoopie pies anyone?
yes please! :)
mine probably wouldn't turn out quite as cute as these,
but i'm told treats that look "homemade" are charming.

Source: via Sarah Grace on Pinterest

is it wrong that i don't have children and i still want to do this?
don't make fun,
but i still leave cookies for santa and carrots for his reindeer.
i feel terrible that i never thought about the elves.
i've got years of making up to do.

i've always wanted to make canned gifts,
and i think this might be my year.
peppermint stick hot chocolate in a cute jar.
yes please!

i love advent calendars, and i love how interactive these are.
i've seen a few versions of these floating around on the internet,
but i love the scrapped look of this one.

am i the only one who is already excited for christmas?
i see many trips to hobby lobby in my near future!
sorry in advance, bub-hub! :)

linking up with michelle over at the vintage apple!


  1. I've made the hot chocolate before! I'll probably do a post about it in december. It tastes REALLY good, but the dry milk (which is what you end up using)...doesn't really dissolve fully and that makes it a little weird to drink.

  2. Did you see Blue Bell's Christmas Cookies in July ice cream?? SO YUMMY and it's getting me ready for Christmas :D


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