Monday, July 30

woohooo olympics party!

what's better than the opening ceremonies of the olympics??
dressing up, eating yummy snacks and watching them with friends of course! :)

 yes there was an invitation... 

and a chalkboard welcome sign! :)

we had the opening ceremonies on, and set up kinect sports, but really, let's be real.
isn't it all about the food??

let's break down this snack situation:

what do you think of my janky oreo pops??
i'll be the first to admit that i am not a "pretty" baker.
i've tried to make cakeballs dozens of times,
and while they taste yummy,
they look absolutely terrible.
i think i am using the wrong type of chocolate takes forever to set and drips everywhere and is just a disaster.
any suggestions??

i filled mine with mini turkey pepperonis, cheese, sauce, and red and yellow bell peppers.
i may or may not have eaten an entire tray full.
p.s. you can find wonton wrappers in the produce section next to the tofu.

this was so yummy and tasted just like the real thing.
next time, i'll probably add strawberries to the mix.
horray for using wedding gifts! :)


a party isn't a party with out salsa and guac!
 do you guys have HEB grocery stores?
they have the best spicy guac on the planet.
i may or may not have eaten 1/2 a carton of guac for lunch saturday.
i'll never tell.


don't judge.

of course there were decorations!
bryce and i found the blue sparkly ring and usa stars in the clearance section at target.
definitely great planning to have the olympics fall a few weeks after the fourth of july.

watch out feddy....the real competition is coming your way! :)

loving the chastain women!

not quite to par with hostess with the mostess, but a step in the right direction! :)

p.s. after 2 months with my new iphone,
i realized that the plastic shield was still on my phone...which is why all of my iphone photos have been turning out so terribly.
 sooo smooth....
i'm seeing non-grainy, well lit photos in my future.


  1. love this idea! Great pictures and it looks like y'all had so much fun!


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