Friday, July 6

holla for friday!

dear munchkin game, you are hilarious.  it was so fun getting to defend curses and kill the monsters. the life of an elf is a hard one my friends. 
[the game can be found here]

dear birchbox, i'm so excited about getting to meet you soon!

dear fourth of july cherry cobbler. i'm obsessed with you.  all day at work I think about how yummy you're going to taste. that's a healthy way to live right? ; ) 

dear bestie,  thank you for coming to houston and hanging out with me, and for loving Chick-fil-a chocolate chunk cookies as much as I do. baked, sealed, delivered...i'm yours.

dear nicole's classes,  i'm so excited to have my first week completed! i'm so close to having my homework done, and I can't wait to start week 2.  
you can check out nicole's classes here:

dear pure barre, today, i'll attend my first class, and i'm so nervous!!! i've heard the class can be a killer, and i'm excited but to be honest, i'm a little be terrified too!

dear weekend,  i pray that you last a long time and go by slowly. i pray that you are sunny and not humid.  i am so excited to have more time off to spend with my hubby! 

 this has been a week of fireworks, friends, fabulous! :)
how was your week?


  1. Yay!!!!! Best weekend ever!!!

  2. <3 these!
    Have you played the game "Quelf" ? Yes HORRIBLE name....but it is hands down the best board game i have ever played


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