Thursday, July 5

one time, at the grocery store...

my name is sarah grace,
and i may or may not be allowed back to my neighborhood HEB.

typically, i make a grocery run each sunday afternoon and load up on what we need for the upcoming week.
for some strange, dreamy reason,
this time, i decided that i wanted to try and shop for the whole month...
i know,
what was i thinking?

i got through 85% of the store,
my basket was full,
i could feel the strangers were staring at me and my overflowing cart,
and i just knew they were judging me.
[in reality, i'm sure they were just jealous
they didn't have cheerios and ice-cream.]
i became overwhelmed, stressed, and basically had a panic attack on the soda aisle.
i grabbed my bags and walked bolted away,
right out of the store.

when i got home from my two hour shopping trip,
without any groceries,
bryce had every right to call me a crazy person and laugh at my silly situation.
he gave me a giant hug,
put on his sandals,
and took me back to the store to start over.

i'm so blessed to have a patient, and encouraging hubby to give me hugs and laugh with me and say "why did you think you needed to shop for a whole month?? where would we even put all of that food?"
i'm a nut.

shopping basket round 2.
needless to say,
i'm a small shopping cart girl,
and i'll be leaving the large carts to the mamas.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post! :)

    :) I know what you mean, shopping for that amount of time is OVERWHELMING!
    I like those small carts, it makes everything that much more manageable.


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