Thursday, July 19

two months of fabulousness.

today, bryce and i are celebrating two months of marriage.
how did that even happen?

our long-distance relationship lasted forever.
our engagement lasted forever...and ever and ever.
then, all of the sudden,
the wedding was here and over and we're two months in.
and what a fabulous, fun, time it has been.

i've learned so much over the past few weeks and am appreciating more and more all of the counseling and prayers we received over our engagement. i know without a doubt our marriage will be stronger because of all the wise counsel we received. 
but most of all, the greatest advice we received was to 
communicate about everything:
the good, the bad, and the silly.
even when i don't feel like talking,
or when the bub-hub just wants to watch sports center.
we have to communicate.

when you don't have tension, or anger, or frustrations, or worries clouding your mind, you're able to fully, 100%, enjoy each other's company. 
ugh, tension is the worst, honesty is the best.

i'm more in love with my bub-hub than ever.
people say that being married is like having a sleepover with your best friend every night.
how could anyone not love that??
i know that we are still in the honeymoon stage,
but who says you can't be happy and in love forever?
sure it will take work,
but are there any fabulous things in life that don't require a little work?

marry your best friend people.
all the cool kids are doing it! :) 


  1. I loved this! :)
    I definitely agree, communication is one of the most fundamental parts of a relationship/marriage!
    I can't believe it's been two months either, i feel like it was just yesterday you were peacing out for your honeymoon!

  2. Awwww! So happy for you two! Glad married life is treating you well and you're trying to do things welll from the start.

    Here's to staying best friends end enjoying every moment!

  3. Beautiful words and advice :) love you both and SO happy for you!


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