Monday, July 16

peppy prints on a monday

weekends are the best, 
but sunday nights are the worst.

it makes me so sad when i see the time going by on sundays,
because i know it means i'm just getting closer and closer to monday morning.
i have a cup of coffee and cinnabon creamer to snap me out of my funk.

every day, i become less and less of a morning person,
and i learn to appreciate my coffee more and more.

maybe if i had one of these prints hanging in my kitchen, i would be a bit more willing to welcome the morning. 

graphic anthology on etsy

texturedINK on etsy

noodle hug on etsy
this one makes me chuckle. :) 

what wakes you up in the morning?


  1. I really really wish I liked coffee. It'd be so useful every morning! When my bf comes back from summer break, he's going to be my "coffee yoda" and help me learn to like it! :)

  2. OH my gosh i love those prints!
    Whys is it that on the weekdays it takes forever to get out of bed, but on the weekends i'm up and ready to go?! So weird.
    I love coffee as well, and i use the york peppermint patty creamer...soooo yummy!


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