Thursday, July 12

the last thing i...

bought for myself
when the bestie was in town last weekend, she told me about a new workout class she was trying out in nashville called pure barre, and it sounded so great!  on monday morning, just like magic, a tidbit treat for the new pure barre studio appeared in my inbox.  i'm one week in and loving it!
if your in houston, you can get yours here: pure barre

got swayed into buying online
these cute little american flags from polka dot market.
i probably don't need them...but they were on-sale, and i think they will be a hit at my olympics opening ceremonies party!

pinned on pinterest
smores dip anyone?

loved doing
i've been LOVING my illustrator class from Nicole's Classes.  i'm learning so much, and i'm finally learning how to use my design software correctly...finally. :)

wiggled to
i love sean paul...especially his new-ish song, "back in time"
they play it in my pure barre class, and it pumps me up everytime.

read online
my favorite new blog is all about the olympics:
Today in London
it makes me feel like i'm an insider.
i am the olypmics #1 fan after all. :)

The Life of the Wife


  1. I LOVE Pure Barre! I've never been to a studio class, but I have the dvd's! You should try Tracy Anderson!!! It's kind of similar. And that smores dip looks amazing!!! Happy Friday! =)

    1. oo thanks for the recommendation!! i'll google her now! :)

  2. Isn't Matt Chandler awesome?!
    I have not seen that clip so i'm going to watch it when i get home! :) Super excited!!!
    I love this entry by the way, super cute!

  3. I want to have an Olympic Party too! I think it will be so fun! Can't wait to see pics from your party!

    Thanks for linking up -- you're so sweet!

  4. Ahh Illustrator class! Does that mean that you made the invites for Steph's showers/bachelorette? I LOVE them!! I will be calling you when it's my turn ;)

    1. I would love that!!!! :) you're too sweet!

  5. Ahh Illustrator class! Does that mean you made the invites for Steph's showers/bachelorette? I LOVE them!! You're getting very good ;)

    1. yes i did! :) i'm so glad you liked them!! there are a handful of people's opinion i care about when it comes to design, and yours is one of them, so that means the world! :)


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