Saturday, November 3

a lovely leibster award

i was nominated by these two lovely ladies:
christina @ significants or nothing
post 11 random facts about yourself
1. i have a craving for fro-yo all the time.
2. i'm addicted to my phone and i hate it. it's really bad guys.
3. i love watching talent shows: x-factor, the voice, america's got talent...i love them all!
4. i love eating cereal and ice cream out of coffee mugs
5. i wish i read more books, but it's hard for me to sit still for long enough to make it through more than a chapter at a time
6. my favorite cereal is raisin bran crunch
7. i love throwing parties with silly themes. need a party plan? i'm your girl! :)
8. i read magazines backwards
9. making the bed in the morning is a must! it's my one must to cleaning habit
10. i leave cabinets open all the time and i don't even realize it.  bub-hub says he can always find me by following the trail of open cabinets and drawers.  oops!
11. big bang theory is the
here are three lovely ladies that i'd like to nominate! :)
julie @ just julie
happy saturday guys!


  1. Love Big Bang theory and agree. Fro yo is addicting!

  2. You are so cute! The Voice is my faaaaavorite.

  3. I use coffee mugs for other things too - they are a great serving size.
    And I am with you, the bed MUST be made before I can function. It drives me nuts if it doesn't get made!

  4. I always leave cabinets open too! I won't even realize it until I look in the kitchen and see like 3 doors hanging open, haha. I love Big Bang Theory too! Today I said Bazinga at work and I'm pretty sure nobody got it. What a waste!

  5. Thank you for the nomination!!


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