Friday, November 16

happy friday! :)

[one] thursday night we had dinner with some sweet friends at my new favorite restaurant, adair kitchen. sooo yummy. i thoroughly enjoyed my yummy dinner and scrumptious cranberry almond tart. that's right folks. be jealous. if you live in houston, you should check it out! :)

[two] bub-hub surprised me with winter oreos. that boy knows the way straight to my heart. yummmm.

[three] we had our annual thanksgiving pot luck at work, and i might have stolen a few of the table decorations to decorate my office. #notreallyfeelingguilty #pumpkinsarecute

[four] i think kari jobe's version of "you are good" is my favorite. i adore all of her songs, but when this one comes on my pandora playlist, i melt in my chair. just so packed full of encouragement and truth. 

[five] i am so excited about the christmas swap i'm participating in with laura and amy!! today is the last day to sign up, so make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to share your christmas traditions and meet new friends! :)

do you have any big plans this weekend?

happy weekend guys! i hope it's relaxing and full of fun! :)


  1. Cranberry almond tart?? Holy yummm!!!

  2. Ok, seriously...i think we're related, or share the same brain wave length.
    I was JUST singing that song this morning while getting ready for of my absolute favorites!
    I'm also so excited about our swap & girl please #noshame in "borrowing" pumpkins ha.

  3. I love love love that song! :) It is one that I turn up on full blast and roll my windows down (no matter how cold it is) because I think it's a great one for EVERYONE to hear. :)

  4. i love that kari jobe song!!! and ahh how sweet holiday oreos how good do they taste?


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