Friday, November 9

happy friday! :)

happy friday everyone! :)
not gonna lie,
this was a long week.
i'm so excited about a week full of projects and relazing, and cleaning.
yes. i said cleaning.
1. i would like to introduce you to my favorite pajama pants.
they are so comfy, and i wish i could wear them all day every day.
2. nothing beats pb&j.
3. secret boards on pinterest. FINALLY! my world has been rocked. just in time for holiday shopping!
4.yay for voting! :) bub-hub and i woke up way to early to beat the crowds. we were 10th in line and out in 7 minutes. #forthewin
5. after voting, we celebrating our early morning patriotism with some chicken minis. if you ask me, that's about as american as it gets.
and a special thanks to everyone who linked up for thankful thursday!
see you next week!

what type of jelly do you put on your pb&j?
do you love chick fil a as much as i do?
happy friday!


  1. agreed! I am so excited for the private pinterest board!!!! life changing :)

  2. i love all kinds of jelly but REALLY love strawberry jelly..ohmygosh yum AND i sometimes add honey to my pb&j...delicious.
    Those pjs are beautiful & YES to secret pin boards AHH finally.

  3. Chicken mini's at 7am? I like how you & bub-hub roll! Haha And secret boards, I have to go check these out immediately!

  4. You know, I haven't had a pb&j sandwich in an eternity. I used to love those things. Yay for voting!

  5. truth: i eat pb&j almost every day! love it :)

    also love your new jammies! nothing beats a good pair of comfy pants!

  6. I want your jcrew pj pants!! and I agree...nothing beats a good pb & j :). OR chick fil a breakfast for that matter!

  7. secret boards for my secret imaginary wedding. i mean, what were we talking about? yes, happy weekend!

  8. I agree. Nothing beats PB&J. That's a true American. PB&J all the way.

    Happy Friday!

    Understated Classics

  9. I'm officially jealous of your polka dot pj pants!!!

    I've been hearing about secret I need to figure out how to do them!!

  10. chick-fil-a is SO American = )

    Thank you for nominating me for the Liebster Award! Here are my fun facts : )

  11. I could eat PB&J with strawberry jelly, all day, everyday. Haha.
    Your blog is super adorable <3

  12. Awesome pajamas! Big fan of Jcrew and their lovely polka-dot prints!


  13. awwwwwww you two are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  14. I love those pajama pants! I wish I had the money to have an entire j crew wardrobe.

  15. Chickfila is heaven in a chicken nugget! SO DELICIOUS!
    And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is super excited about the secret Pinterest boards!


  16. 7 minutes! So jealous - it took me an hour and a half! Good thing I had my Kindle.

    Those pj pants are fab. Nothing beats a good pair of comfy pants.

    I'm pumped about the new hidden Pinterest boards too!

  17. 1. Agreed JCrew rocks in every department!! 2.I miss PB&J Blackberry is my favorite! 3. Oh snap I had no idea!! 4. We did the same thing! 5. Oh chick fila why is your chicken so tasty?!

    Have a great weekend!!

  18. i thought this week was a long week too!! love your pajamas pants!

  19. Your pajama pants look SOOO comfortable!!! Thanks for checking out my blog and introducing me to yours! I love your thankful Thursday!

  20. I really have to try that peanutbutter and jelly sandwich I guess... I eat my peanutbutter sandwiches with chocolate on top!

    Happy Sunday!

    X Sabrina

  21. LOVE the PJ pants! All things polka dot rock!

  22. New follower to your blog! Love, love, love it!


  23. J.Crew definitely always wins! Love the pajama pants, girl! And is it weird that I've actually never had chick-fil-a before? I know, it's a crime!
    xo TJ


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