Tuesday, November 6

tis the season for holiday cards!

today, i'm excited to introduce my second holiday card design of the season!
"Tis the Season"
this one is one of my favorites.
aren't snowflakes the best?? since i live in hosuton, this is probably the closest i'll get to snowflakes this year, but i'll take it!
the front of the card looks great with color, sepia, and black and white photos,
but the black and white is my favorite. just send me your favorite photo and i'll make it work!
the back comes in two color options:
kraft and red
and just because you guys are the best,,,,now through the end of november, you can use the coupon code "HolidayCheer" for 20% off of your order!
this will work on all of the holiday cards in my etsy site [gracefully made designs].
do you send out christmas cards?
do you love getting christmas cards in the mail as much as i do?


  1. I am in LOVE with your gorgeous designs! I can't wait until Walker and I are married so that we can send out cards of our own. Hopefully you'll still be doing this next Christmas! :)

  2. Love it! Y'all are super cute.
    My husband's dad hand makes pop-up cards every year for Christmas. Kinda hard for us to top that, but we are sure gonna try this year!

  3. stunning!!!!! you two look absolutely lovely in tat picture!!!

  4. i absolutely LOVE these cards, seriously! You are so incredibly talented.


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