Monday, November 19

meet raider chastain

i would like to introduce you to the newest member of the chastain clan:
saturday afternoon, we decided to take a trip to the animal shelter to play with some puppies.  it was a beautiful day, and definitely one we did not want to waste indoors. so we headed over to the houston SPCA and stumbled across this little guy!
we weren't planning on getting a dog quite yet, bub-hub was going to surprise me for christmas, but he was too cute and too perfect for us. we just couldn't pass him up! 
#meanttobe #mfeo
he's a six year old american cocker spaniel.  
cutest dog ever right?
#crazydogmom #puppylove
he's super spunky, barely sheds, likes to play fetch and even knows a few tricks. he's the perfect fit for us and for our apartment.  i still can't believe he's ours! :)

if you wanna see photos of raider pop up on your instagram feed, follow me @mrschastain.
you know you can't resist the cuteness....



  1. Ahhh so adorable! We have a part cocker mix and they are sooo cute! They can be super territorial
    Though so keep an eye on that!

  2. So excited for you! I am dying to get a dog, but for now I will live through your pictures from Instagram!

  3. love that you have a new bff! mine pup is my bestie as well ;)

  4. He is adorable!! The no shedding is key! We had a German Shepherd for many years, loved him. But, omg the hair! It was terrible! You couldn't sit anywhere without getting dog hair on you! Now we are very anti-dogs that shed!haha

    Enjoy your new doggie!! It's always great to rescue!!

  5. Awe so cute! Congrats and welcome to the crazy dog mom club!

  6. He's so cute!! Congratulations on the new family member - and it's so awesome that you adopted him from a shelter! :)

    - Sara

  7. So stinkin cute!! Yay for a new member of the family! Have fun!!

  8. cute!! I'm so jealous!!! I desperately want a dog!

  9. aww congratulations :) he is SO Cute!!

  10. Raider... what a cute name and an adorable pup! congratulations! furbabies make the world so much better :)

  11. yup anytime you go to an adoption sale, you always come home with a puppy, we has gotten us twice now that we are just going to look mentality, those cute faces will suck you in!! congrats on an adorable dog!

  12. Oh my gosh. SO CUTE! #1 i love that y'all got him from an adoption sale, and #2 i love that he is an "older" dog...they need tons of love and rarely get it!
    He is ADORABLE

  13. AHHH HE IS PERFECT!!! He was definitely meant to be :) How exciting!! I see Christmas pictures with a dressed up pup in your future!!

  14. Stopping by from Weekend Update...cuuuute doggy! Love his name!

  15. What wonderful news! Raider is ADORABLE! :) I am so excited for you guys!

  16. Soooooo cute! By the way I nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can check it at

    1. Oh jeez, I just saw that you got an award earlier this month,..oops! Just know we really dig what you do!

  17. My hubs and I have been talking about getting a dog recently.. my puppy fever just skyrocketed!

    He is so cute!! I love cocker spaniels.


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