Friday, May 4

wow it's friday. high five for that!

i'm running out of days.
i've officially hit the point where i have so many things i know i need to do,
and want to do, i can't seem to shrink my to-do list.
but amidst all the craziness,
there were a few lovely things and thoughts that have kept me pepped up this week:

have you tried the peach citrus fresca??
i can't get enough. 
it tastes so yummy, has zero calories, and no sugar.
a girl on a pre-wedding diet's best friend.

my poor stuffed monkey took an unexpected swim.
i was trying so hard to get all my laundry done,
and the poor guy got thrown in with the sheets. 
he's a warrior that one.

loving the crazy eyes...
i may or may not have bought a bright, neon pink swimsuit from target,
and it may or may not make me look like a highlighter,
but i LOVE IT!
and i think it will be a perfect honeymoon-being-lazy-on-the-beach-swimsuit.

new nail polish of the week...
sinful colors, hazard.
i hate that the brand is called sinful colors,
but it was only $1.99 at target,
it's a subtle shade of coral and i love it. 

i have hazardous toesies.
i crack myself up. :)
i get to fly home this weekend to see my baby brother perform in his last show choir concert.  i can't believe it...he's almost in college!
i'll be the one hootin' and hollerin' in the front row,
impossible to miss.

what do you have to high five about this week?! 


  1. oh my gosh where can i get that fresca?? it sounds so refreshing to me. i want to try that drink this weekend! and that coral color on your toes is gorgeous

    1. It is so yummy! :) i found it at HEB! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  2. i want that fresca - sounds delicious!! and I bet your neon swimsuit is adorable! have a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement with the neon! I'll remember that next time i try and find enough courage to wear it in public! :)


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