Tuesday, May 8

my talented baby brother

last weekend i traveled home to watch my brother in his very last vivace show.  
vivace, a.k.a, super awesome high school show choir.

they had so many fun songs, 
and they had really cute choreography.
and it was so fun to watch the performances.
i was dancing in my seat like a crazy person!
it made me wish i was coordinated and had moves.
but of course, my baby brother's filler was the best performance of them all! :)
[no bias here at all folks, he really is the best!]

yes, i am fully aware that my videographer-skills are lacking,
but just close your eyes, 
pretend you're sitting on the beach with  an umbrella in your glass,
and be jealous that you're baby brother isn't as fabulous as mine. :)

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