Friday, May 11

high five for friday! :)

this has been such a fast and fabulous week.
i can't believe friday has already arrived.

on wednesday, bryce moved all of his stuff from his college apartment to my apartment.
actually, our apartment! we were both kind of nervous about having enough room for both of us, but i think after a quick trip to Ikea, everything will fit perfectly!
ooooo goodness. 
i'm going to be living with a boy!!

one of the many parts of my job includes handling events for our firm.
sometimes the venues are boring and plain,
and other days, i get to drive around on a golf cart drinking iced tea.

and i met a new friend on the cart path. mr. turtle.  :)
the 5 am start to my day was definitely worth it. :)

i've started packing for my trip home.
this includes one suitcase for bryce's graduation weekend and pre-wedding week,
and one suitcase for the honeymoon!
i was hoping to try and pack efficiently, but it just isn't going to happen.
i've decided that i will just keep packing until my car is full and organize it later.

i'm in love with my new fedora. 
it looks so great sitting on my dresser,
and i'm working up the courage to wear it in public.
i don't know why i'm so nervous to wear it.
when i see other girls wearing hats out and about, i always think, "man, that is such a cute look! i wish i had a fedora to wear!", and now i have one, so i'm going to be brave.
why yes that is a leopard print band. love me some target. 
this time next week, i will be at my bridesmaid's brunch,
setting up the church sanctuary, 
and getting ready for our wedding rehearsal.
eeeeek! :)

high five it's friday!!! :)

From My Grey Desk


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  2. SOOOOOOO exciting! :) :) I can't wait to read all about it!

  3. Such an exciting time for you coming up!
    And just wear the Fedora, you will love it when you do. Mine sat on my dresser for an entire year until I worked up the courage to wear it!


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