Tuesday, May 1

dear monday on tuesday

dear monday, how did you get here so fast? time is flying by so quickly.  i didn't even have a chance to be bummed about it being monday before it was tuesday. snap dragons.

dear tuesday, hello there, where'd you come from? 

dear summer lights cd, you are fabulous and definitely exactly what my heart needed. 

you can purchase the goodness on itunes [here].
so my favorite songs so far:
10,000 Reasons.
God is Able.
love love love it.
my future best-friend-in-law in singing on half of the songs, so you know it's fabulous!

dear lack of apartment storage, you're about to win this battle. i'm about to go crazy.  i never really thought of myself as a neat-and-tidy-tot until now.  i really don't like things just sitting around everywhere, and that is the state of my life right now.

dear fiesta shower, you were a blast and full of friends, guacamole, sweet gifts, and lots of laughter.

wow. happy week ya'll!

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