Wednesday, May 16

my brain has turned to avocados

after 22 years of being afraid of the slimey, chunky, green stuff, i finally caved, and fell head over heals for the fabulous fruit:
the avocado.
i can't get enough of the stuff.
it's like i'm making up for lost time.

not only are they yummy yummy yummy,
they have great health benefits as well!
they are full of B, E & K, have more potassium than a banana, and are a healthy fat.
sounds like a good reason for me to eat as well!

avocado chicken parm.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

spinach, avocado, quinoa and tangelo salad
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

ummmm.....guacamole bruschetta. yummm!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

how yummy do these chicken enchiladas look?
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

and my most favorite pin of the day:
pesto, mozzarella, baby spinach, avocado grilled cheese.
i've been craving this beautiful sandwich since the very first time it popped up on my pin-feed.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

yes i know. i have a problem.
and i'm heading to mexico for treatment! :)

what are you pinning this week??


  1. Try making an avocado lime dressing. I use a recipe similar to the one found here

  2. I love avocado as well!!! (and only until recently).
    I have also been CRAVING that sandwich since i first saw it....yum.

  3. Loooooove your blog! Visiting from the Vintage my stomach is totally growling. I swear, I am always craving avocados!! That first recipe looks INCREDIBLE. Must make that soon. I'm your newest follower--can't wait to keep reading! Happy Wednesday!

  4. yum!!! i love me some avacodos!!

    cute blog :)

  5. omg that avocado chicken parmigiana and the avocado enchiladas look so mouthwateringly delicious I must try them soon !!!!

  6. Can you come over and cook - this is so much more inspiring than the stuff I make!


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