Thursday, April 28

thankful thursday

today was such a great day, and
i have so much to be thankful for:

[1] bryce came to town!!! 
just for a quick 2 hour visit, but it was so great to have him here!  

[2] orange, red, and yellow bell peppers.
i've become addicted to breakfast burritos, and i'm pretty sure it's because of the addictive substances the central market produce experts are putting in the peppers.

[3] DVR.
it's going to save me from having to wake up at 4 AM for the royal wedding festivities,
as well as prevent me from taking a "sick day" to watch all the commentary and highlights.

[4] big bang theory.
this show makes me laugh till my abs are aching every time.
without a doubt, sheldon is high-stinking-larious. and i've got a crush.
[bryce, try not to be too jealous.]

[5] my chronological one-year bible.
it's sooo neat because you get to read the good book in the order everything took place, no matter where the story was placed in the bible.
lovin' it! :)

what are you thankful for on this beautiful thursday?


  1. What time are we watching tonight??? I have been looking forward to this since you texted LOL

  2. oh girl...i was glued at 4am to the tv :) BEAUTIFUL!!! just magical, everything about it. Can I be a princess?? maybe Prince Harry would like to have coffee....what do you think?!

    I may be regretting this lack of sleep today....

  3. 1) breakfast burritos... AMAZING. love all kinds. fovorites include the ones from chick-fil-a and sonic. 2) have totally been stalking royal wedding photos and videos all flippin day... i'm border line obsessed with kate. 3) love me some big bang theory... absolutely hilarious... bazinga.

  4. I set my DVR and so glad I did... the wedding was amazing and I loved her dress! Thanks for linking up and hope your having a great weekend!


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