Thursday, April 7

family love

sometimes i forget how much i miss my family.
i mean i miss them all the time.
but when i make a trip home to dallas,
and i walk in the front door of my house,
and i breathe in the smell of my family,
and see my {crazy, attention-crazed} sweet puppy,
it makes me realize i miss them even more than i can describe.

yup. we look gooooood.

families just know the right way to love.
it's pretty stinking great.

thank you southwest airlines.

embrace it yall. : )


  1. I MISS YOU TOO!! i'll be back this weekend if you happen to be there. :)

  2. Awww..... Families are the best =)

  3. Sweet pics. I would miss my family if they were far away too!

  4. I love these, family is the best! great pictures

  5. I lived far from family for quite a while... and coming home was the BEST feeling ever :) Cute pictures!

  6. Cute pics! Glad you got to make a trip home.

  7. nothing like southwest airlines to do a little connecting of fam! ;) looks like you all had fun

  8. I live far away from my family too. I know what you mean!

  9. i miss my (extended) family, too. my cousins are like sisters to me.

  10. So true. I can totally relate. Cute family :)


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