Monday, April 4

monday morning coffee time.

have you seen the super fun city-pride mugs starbucks is making now?
i picked this one up this weekend while in austin
[in case that wasn't obvious...]
 for my cousin's wedding.
 my sophomore year of high school, my high school choir traveled to washington DC.
in one [of manyyyy] local starbucks, i picked up a mug that had illustrated monuments all around it for my sweet history lovin' granny.
even now, when the cold weather starts rolling back in,
she gives me a call to say she's pulled out my mug.
[i love when things are more than just things.]

a cup [or 2] of coffee in my
new super fly coffee mug 
makes my {monday morning lovely}. 

1 comment:

  1. I game for anything that has to do with coffee...even better if it is starbucks!


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