Thursday, April 14

thankful thursday

i've been having quite a few mini-meltdowns lately.
nothing major of course.
[i'm a tad dramatic]
just whiney moments here and there.
 i'm afraid it's becoming a trend.
{i'm not a big fan of these kinds of trends.}
i think it's because i miss my family.
yup. i'm gonna blame them for this one.

i'm super excited for the chance to use
to think about the good things and snap out of my whiney funk.

[1]  i'm so thankful for iced, non-fat, hazelnut lattes from starbucks.
yes i know. they are overpriced and full of empty calories.
and i fully enjoy every tasty, caffeinated, calorie-filled gulp sip.

[2]  i'm so thankful for the shane & shane "everything is different" cd.
i think i listened to this CD a bazillion times last year, over and over and over again.
it's jam packed full of truth and promise and encouragement.
all of their cds are amazing,
but listening to these songs reminds me of all of the ways God provided for me last year,
and i never want to forget those wonderful blessings.

[3]  i'm so thankful for sweet friends who indulge me enough to listen to overdramatized, silly, immature stories.
on those days you feel like punching a wall,
you gotta have a lady in your life that will have your back.

 watch out world,
we're fiesty.


  1. Love the truth on Starbucks. Ha! Happy Thursday to you!

  2. LOVE This. love that pic.
    here's overdramatic for you: i teared up when i read this post.
    i think i need a nap.
    and some sarahgrace in my life.

  3. i LOVE shane & shane... true story... i ate dinner with them once... no lie. great list! so glad you joined in this week!! welcome to the thankful thursday family;)

  4. I love me some hazelnut latte too! I don't usually get iced. Mostly I get the skinny version, but I can't resist either!

  5. I have a love hate relationship with Starbucks too. It's just so convenient and it puts me in a good mood. I guess empty calories are a small price to pay for a smile (:


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