Wednesday, April 13

my first astros loss

houston very rarely experiences cool breezes, low humidity, and 70 degree temperatures,
so when a beautiful day decides to make an appearance, 
you've gotta take full advantage of it.

bryce and i spent our beautiful evening at the astros game.
even though it was kind of a bummer being down 5-0 in the first 15 minutes of the game,
i enjoyed every minute of it.
[i love me some sunshine]

those are life-size, dancing hot sauce packets.
{we keep it classy here in h-town.}

{embrace the camera ya'll!}


  1. Ha... sounds like fun (ok, minus the score....) and great pic!

  2. Hey, we live in the same town!! Go Stros'!! Cute pics.

  3. Hot sauce packets!?! Awesome hehe!! And I thought huge weiner dogs were funny to watch at the Brewers games ;)

  4. Very cute post! I've never seen the hot sauce packets, how funny!! So, you're a Ranger fan, but live in Houston? Super cool!


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