Monday, April 18

tangible memories

i'm not a big souvenir buying girl,
no shot glasses, tea towels, ceramic destination trinkets for me.
[i'm not a fan of things for the sake of having things]
i'm a photo-memory girl.
i'll take a million and a half photos on any given laundry day, family vaca, at dinner with my girlfriends,
you name it and i'm snapping a photo.
i have a terrible memory,
and i have a terrible fear that i will forget the beautiful, fun filled, joyous moments i get to share with my loved ones.

i treasure gifts i receive.
[things filled with sentiment and memories]
it's the perfect combination of a memory.

i was lucky enough to share the same shoe size as my super styling nana.
when my nana passed away,
i was given her shoe collection.
[can i get a holla!?]

each and every spring,
when i bust out my brown leather michael kors strappy slingback sandals, 
i'm reminded how lucky i was am to have this woman in my life.


  1. Girl, you are talking my language! :)

  2. Oh I love this post, what a sweet memory!


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