Tuesday, April 19

chapel day sing alongs

each wednesday of my elementary school career we went to chapel.
it wasn't always my favorite day.
mainly because we had to wear our ties and our jumpers
and we had to go to P.E. in our chapel clothes
[because i always forgot to bring extra PE clothes...].

but some chapel days were the best days.
each week, a different grade rotated who was in charge of chapel.
and when my class was in charge, we dominated.
we had the best skits, the best memory verse,
we would always pick the best songs
{the ones with lots of hand motions and rhyming and repetive choruses...you know the ones}.
michael w. smith's "Awesome God" always made the cut because it fit all of the criteria listed above.

ever since the 6th grade,
whenever i heard this song, i would change thes station and get frustrated and annoyed at the DJ for playing a song that was [so old] and [outdated].

this morning, it came on the radio and i heard this song and almost lost it.
[i know, i'm emotional. don't act so surprised.]
it's crazy what a difference actually listening to lyrics can make.
how can a song about the awesome power of a forever God be old and outdated?
nope, he can't.
the hair, clothing, stage design may be stuck in 1983,
but our God is awesome forever.

[on a totally unrelated note...]
i'm selling a coach purse. practically still a new born, only a month old.
$300 or best offer.

if you (or any of your friends, co-workers, neighbors, mother-in laws) are interested,
email me:
you know you want to! :)

1 comment:

  1. iiiiiiiii WANT that purse!!!!!
    ahhhh....inner debate...to spend money...or to not....
    i'll get back to you :)


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