Tuesday, March 1

up in the air

today was one of those days. 
the kind of day where you just want to curl up into a ball, 
take a quick nap and hope that when you wake up, things are different.

have you seen the movie [Up In The Air]??
the one where george clooney travels around the country firing people?
there is no way i could handle that. i got a little piece of it today.
as part of my job as recruiting coordinator, i handle the day to day tasks surrounding resume collection and responses. i'm the girl that everyone hopes is in a really good mood the day their resume arrives in the inbox.
usually i get to send responses in the form of letters or emails, but today i had to break a poor heart over the phone.
why couldn't he just have let it go to voicemail??
it just killed me.

so i called my mom for a little pick me up.  
and the brilliant mother that she is, prescribed the perfect medicine: 
[chick fil a sweet tea]
luckily, it's just a few quick blocks from the office.
definitely the perfect mood changer.

this picture makes me miss jamaica,
and my mama!
it was a good reminder that even when you get beat down, 
even when you feel like you just want to curl up into a ball,
God is still so sovereign, so great, and so loving.
he has surrounded me with so many reminders of his faithfulness.
thanks for spreading the love mama! :)

p.s. tonight i came to the realization that i'm dating the most adorable 80 year old boy.
i'm so proud of him though:
tonight he made his first online shopping purchase,
and he's blogging.
yup. he wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
watch out world. we're blogging.


  1. I saw Up in the Air, really good movie. At least you get to make people really happy sometimes too!

  2. Also where is bryce blogging?


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