Thursday, March 10

embrace the camera! march 10, 2011

yesterday i was blessed with a day off from work and a visit from my brother!
it was such a great and beauuuutiful day!
grayson is home from tenessee on spring break, and he was kind enough to make the trip down to houston to visit his sister! :)

we went to canes,
we went to the ZOO and saw the most adorable baby giraffe!
we saw cranes, and flamingos,
and a red panda, and fighting rhinos...

[these aren't real rhinos, but they look just the same!]

this is grayson hanging out with an american alligator.

if you squint with your magnifying glass, you can see the baby giraffe sitting down on the ground next to the two grown up giraffes. just a baby, only 7 feet tall....ahh!

and, of course, we saw the elephants.
how stinking cool is that?

when i was walking around yesterday, looking at the monkeys, and birds, and frogs, and fish, and snakes,
[yes, i walked through the snake exhibit,,,,,,eeeek!!]
 i was so blown away with how creative our Savior is. 
who else would be able to come up with so many different types of so many different animals?
and how gracious he is for sharing his creation with us.
he's a pretty great God.

p.s. you should check out grayson's tumbler, andddddddd watch this super awesome video of him.
he's a pretty talented guy. 
i taught him everything he knows. :)

you know you wanna! :)


  1. oh man...that alligator.
    gave me the heebie jeebies.

    glad you joined us this week! y'all are cute.

  2. awesome post. & i agree, God is so great!
    blessings to you!!

  3. Hey, we're from Houston too! Love the zoo!


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