Monday, March 7

life made lovely: march 7, 2011

the other day while meandering my way through target, i came across a set of magnetic letters.
you know the kind i'm talking about right?
the super cheap plastic ones with the barely magnetic magnet on the back?
the ones that are in  
bright happy colors
that you'd use to spell out words and messages to your mom while she was making dinner?
[am i the only one who did that??]
well i found some of those on the clearance racks, 
and let me tell you,
i snatched those suckers right up!

although i probably should have spent the extra $1 and gotten magnets that are actually strong enough to hold up things on my fridge, 
i'm very glad i threw practicality to the wind,
because yesterday i found this:

and that is why my life is lovely. : )


  1. Ahhhh, this is so sweet! love it.

  2. that is lovely~
    no, you're not the only one that spent hours spelling out notes to your mom with magnetic letters on the fridge, I did as well... and my two littles do it for me now, and it makes my life lovely as well!


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