Friday, March 11



i'm addicted to mexican food.
i can't get enough
chips and salsa,
fajitas and margaritas.
my tummy is grumbling at the thought!

maybe it's because mexican food is so much more fun to say than american food.
margaritas vs. iced tea
fajitas vs. sandwich
salsa vs. ketchup

see what i mean? they've got the fun factor,
and it's got me hooked.

last week my daddio made a trip out to h-town,
and you guessed it!
mmmmmmm........fajitas! :)

i'm so grateful for a fun dad who loves fun and adventure just as much as i do!


  1. Haha that's a really good observation (about Mexican food being more fun to say)

  2. Love mexican food - and red velvet cupcakes!


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