Sunday, March 13

splendid sunday! :) march 13, 2011

hello there world!
are you having a splendid sunday??

this is where i take a few minutes and share a few of the things that my life splendid.

[1] this was a beautiful weekend! i couldn't get enough sunshine!
so i turned up the tunes, opened up the windows, and got my clean on!  cleaning is so much more enjoyable when theres a little wiggle in the mix!

[2] i started using this lavender scented laundry softener. i know, mind blowing, exciting stuff! but for real, whenever the dryer starts going, my whole apartment smells soooo lavender-ee! 

[3] last week i purchased my first xyron, and can i tell you, i am IN LOVEEEE!
i don't know how i've survived all these years without it.
{for all of you non-paper lovin nerds out there, a xyron is a sticker maker! so fun right??}
so, this afternoon, i busted out my new amy butler scrap-pad, and put my xyron to work.

[[but more on that tomorrow!]]

and last, but not least.....

[5] eight splendid years ago, 
i was introduced to the lady who would become my bestest friend.
her name is courtney elizabeth,
and today is her BIRTHDAY! :D

i am so grateful for her!

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