Friday, March 8

such a sweet birthday week

this has definitely been a fantastic week.
i've felt so loved and so blessed by my friends and family.
and it didn't hurt that i managed to eat some form of cake each day.
one: my mama and i went to tiny boxwoods and enjoyed a beautiful brunch on a beautiful day, and i drank each and every drop of the latte as big as my head.
two: saying no to this puppy face was really tough, but i wasn't going to share my red velvet crave cupcake. worth every bite.
three: bub-hub gave me two pairs of the most beautiful earrings. i'm in love.
four: pasion iced tea is the perfect afternoon treat.
five: i've discovered a love for english muffins. scrambled eggs + bell peppers + whole wheat english muffin is breakfast perfection.
how was your week?


  1. Birthday week!!! :) :)
    Can i also just say that the breakfast muffin looks delicious! I want it!

  2. Ahh looks like a wonderful birthday week! Birthdays are so much fun! & I eat English muffins every day for breakfast. so yummy!

  3. Yay birthday week! Those earrings are beautiful! And I'm envious of your breakfast!! Have a fun weekend

  4. those earrings are glorious!!! your hubby did a fabbbbb job of picking those beauties out! sooo spring ;)

    glad to hear and see you had a great birthday week!! you surely deserve it! xo, Bev

  5. those earrings are really pretty - he did a good job! happy birthday week!

  6. Great week! Love that you celebrated so well for a weekl :)

  7. looks like a great birthday week!
    I LOVE those two pairs of earrings--gorgeous!! where did he buy them?


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