Friday, March 1

high five for friday! :)

one. i admit it. i love this song. it has been on the radio every morning this week on my drive to work and it has been the perfect pick me up song. #noshame
two. the chick-fil-a table tents are interactive and i might have had a little two much fun with the fire-breathing cow.
three. bub-hub's grandmother gave us a box of handwritten recipies as a wedding gift and i have loved going through them.
four. raider is a fantastic road trip, i mean quick trip to the store, buddy. 
five. bub hub and i went ice skating with a few friends and it was so fun! i always forget how fun ice skating can be. and yes. bub-hub pushed me down, because we are still in 9th grade. :)

how was your week?


  1. I'm pretty sure I'd have had just as much with the fire breathing cow as you did! :)

  2. My mom gave me a bunch of her & my grandma's recipes in a recipe book one Christmas, and I adore them. I got my favorite recipe my grandma made - coconut cream pie. When I get a house I am going to blow it up and use it as art in my kitchen - vanilla & egg stains included :) I'm sure you've came across that idea on Pinterest...

  3. He pushed you down? that is awesome... =)
    Ummm hold up i didn't know the chick-fil-a tents were interactive!!! AHHHH i want to go to chick-fil-a now! :)
    And no shame about One Direction....girl that's my jam in the morning! ha.

  4. Hand written recipes?!?! What an amazing idea and lovely gift to have received!! Thoses are cherishable FO life!

    Love that you guys went ice skating. I have yet to give it a shot... kinda scurrrred!

    Happy Friday goooorl! xo, Bev

  5. Not even going to lie, One Direction completely turns me into a crazy fan girl...I'm talking elementary/middle school status. It's a little embarrassing...but not really. ;) I have always loved ice skating! How stinking fun!

  6. Hey girl, I'm coming over from the H54F link up, I saw your name was Sarah too so I thought I'd drop by and say hi!


  7. oh goodness i love that chick fila table tent, i will have to interact with them more next time i go to chick fila, which is embarrasingly a lot :-)


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