Wednesday, March 20

o how pinteresting: easter eggs

i love easter.
easter egg hunts,
baking bunny shaped carrot cake,
eating honey glazed ham and mashed potatoes,
and painting ceramic easter eggs
are all traditions that i love.
have you ever painted ceramic eggs?
i think ceramic is the way to go...they never rot! :)
my nana painted ceramic eggs years and years ago and we still have them today.
it's such a fantastic memory to see them each easter season.
and incase you're feeling glitzy...
and i just adore this watercolor version...
or, if you're a washi enthusiast like me...
what is your favorite easter craft?


  1. I never decorate easter eggs, but they always look so fun to make and these are adorable!!

  2. adore these creative eggs versus the standard polka dotted or striped ones!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love Easter passionately - it's just such a fresh reminder of what love is, what Spring feels like, and the colors are simply sublime. This craft wraps all of those things into one!

  4. Look at you! How festive and darling. Can't go wrong with glitter, right??

  5. Love your Easter eggs. So much more fancier than we do in our house! I am a new follower from Oh, How Pinteresting Link up. Hope you can stop by "A Day in My Life" soon.

    Have a great Day!

  6. We are an egg-dying family to the extreme! I love it! My step-sister(s) and I will take over the kitchen and go to town. Then we have colorful deviled eggs the next day (YUM! - one of my FAVORITE southern foods!).

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  7. oh this makes me want to decorate for easter! so pretty!

  8. How cute!! I'm loving those water color ones.

  9. I'm loving the glitter easter eggs.. I'm pretty sure that's how I'll be decorating my eggs this year!

  10. I love how creative people have gotten with Easter eggs! Great ideas here.



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