Thursday, March 7

a sweet and sunny day

so far, being twenty-four is pretty fantastic.
my sweet mom came in town to celebrate with me!
we had a yummy brunch at tiny boxwoods,
including a perfect vanilla latte the size of my face,
and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and cool weather on the patio.
after brunch, we headed to rice village for a little bit of shopping,
and then to crave for a yummy bithday cupcake!
red velvet is a family birthday tradition.
sweet raider used his most intense and most cutest stare down face.
please mom, just one little crumb?
this might have been the one and only time i didn't give in to those big brown eyes.
nothing gets between me and a red velvet crave cupcake.


  1. wholly crow that latte is the size of your face for real! Yum though!
    Yay for mom time! :)
    Red Velvet....delicious. My roommate is obsessed with anything red velvet. Do y'all have a world market near you? Their red velvet pancake mix is sooo good!

  2. I've definitely adjusted to life back in Dallas after living in Houston for three years for law school, but man... I miss me some Crave cupcakes! So delicious!


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