Monday, March 25


i've been endulging my sweet tooth by baking these.
i've been listening to a lot of this.
i've been reading and taking notes from this.
i've been drinking alot of these.
i've been designing fun invitations like this,
i've been encouraged by this,
and i've been laughing hysterically at this.
what have you been up to lately?


  1. Hahah! Oh my word. That camel is out of control :)

  2. Love this simple post! I did a very long winded version of this over at my blog. :) Today all I've seen is laundry, paperwork, and a quick shower....Oh and breaks to read blogs, drink water, or check IG and FB...

  3. Bahaha!! Camels are one of my favorite animals! Love that video!

  4. Ahh thank you for giving me something amazing to add to my to-make list!!yum!! Love the invite! so colorful and fun!!! I've been up to getting some stuff up on my Etsy shop!

  5. yum - those cookies look really good. i just bought a whole package of oreos, so those will be my snack for (hopefully) awhile!!

  6. cookies, sinatra, southern living {ftw}, those protein shakes..YUM! {do you use yogurt, or cottage cheese?}, and thank you for making me pee my pants laughing at that camel running....wholly crap that was hilarious!
    ALSO your new design <3 it!


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