Monday, March 4

a perfect weekend

have you ever had a perfect weekend?
i definitely did! :)
my birthday is coming up this week, but since bub-hub has been sucked into the craziness of tax season, we decided to celebrate this weekend!
he planned a perfect day for me: manicures, lunch at adair kitchen, shopping, and the most yummy dinner i've ever had in my life.
we had dinner at a brenners on the bayou. it's a beautiful restaurant in a beautiful part of houston. it's tucked away in the trees, and you don't even feel like you are in the city.
such a perfect place to celebrate.
 after dinner, bub-hub and i met up with some sweet friends at a 1920's themed cocktail bar. we had so much fun drinking fancy cocktails in beautiful glasses and dancing the night away! i think dancing with my friends is one of my favorite things ever. #embracetheawkwardness
sunday, raider and i enjoyed the sunshine and went for a walk at memorial park.
how can you stay inside on such a perfect day?
o, and did i mention he had the restaurant sing me happy birthday?
how do you like to celebrate your birthday?
do you like to dance like a fool?


  1. Sounds like a pretty good birthday celebration! How nice of him to plan it for you :)

  2. Did you go to Prohibition?! We've been wanting to try that place!! If so, did y'all just walk in? Was it packed? I know they take reservations, but I assume that's only if you're eating there.

  3. Sounds like you had such a great weekend! Happy early birthday :) Is the 1920's club you're talking about The Eighteenth Bar? I haven't been but it sounds like fun!

  4. happy almost birthday goooorl!! one of my fave parts of going out to eat for your birthday is the FREE dessert!!! Always better when I see it's FREE!!

  5. hahah I love it-embrace the awkwardness, Im with ya girl!

  6. What a sweet husband!! And I love your top! Where is it from?

  7. OOO that sounds like a fantastic weekend!!! :) :) The manicure is beautiful, i love your top and those ear rings! :) So nice!!
    ummm and that dessert looks delicious.
    Happy Birthday again!


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