Thursday, February 7

this week

this week,
i enjoyed yummy chocolate chip cookies,
bub-hub and i danced with glo-sticks on our heads,
supported the local girl scouts and ate 4 boxes of cookies,
i tried french-veitnamese food for the first time,
and face-timed with raider. #noshame

how was your week?



  1. Oh my....thin mints! Do you put them in the freezer? It's my fave way to eat them! I can't believe they're 4 bucks a box now! Stopping by for H5FF!! Have a great weekend!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  2. french-veitnamese food?! Was it good?!?
    and girl scout cookies, i need to get my hands on some immediately! :)
    and uh...what is with the glow sticks? Were y'all raving? :)

  3. What is french-vietnamese food like? I've never had that combo before...

  4. I am soooo hoping that those Girl Scout cookies don't haunt me this year like they do every single year of my life!! Love thin mints, especially when they're frozen! But my fave are the Samoa cookies!! and ice cream!

    Love that you FT'd with your pup... too adorbs!

    Happy Friday friend!! xo, Bev

  5. Girl scout cookies are like my kryptonite! I may have indulged in 3.5 boxes in about two days. Good thing the gym is my second home.

  6. Glow sticks at a wedding? Gotta remember that one. GREAT idea! :) (Also, thanks for making me crave thin mints now!! :P)

  7. I haven't run into any girl scouts yet... my waistline is thankful (even though I secretly can't wait to get my hands on some tag alongs!). Happy Monday!

  8. haha love that you ate four boxes of girl scout cookies! thin mints are the BEST! and raider is presh :)


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