Sunday, February 17

my sweet valentine.

you know your husband loves you when....
he doesn't say a negative thing about the pink hearts hanging all over the apartment,

and when he let's you put a bow on the world's cutest puppy,
and when he willingly offers to watch "brave" with you.

our first valentines as mr. and mrs. was one for the memory books.
bub-hub made me a yummy fajita feast and we spent the evening watching 
cartoons and cuddling with sweet raider. 
marital maturity at its finest.
i'm so blessed to have such a sweet valentine. :)


  1. I love Brave! I got it for Christmas and made the husband watch it with me then, haha!

  2. awww i love the heart garland! you are so crafty! and how cute is your paw charm? z gave me a charm bracelet from james avery and i'm in love :)

  3. aww cute! your heart decorations are so sweet. i sadly didn't do any valentines decorating this year. maybe next year! and your pup is super cute. new follower from sami's linkup! :)

  4. Sounds like y'all had a fabulous valentines/weekend! :)
    SO cute!

  5. Your decorations are the cutest! Sounds like a super blessed Valentine's Day to me

  6. yay for a great first valentine's! so sweet!

  7. Sounds like such a sweet Valentine's day! I love your decorations! So adorable!

  8. i love the heart garland!! it is very cute and you definitely had a wonderful valentines day with your valentine!

  9. i love all the heart garland. too cute. did you use a heart punch? also, i totally agree...real men love disney movies..this is so true.
    cute blog.

    stopping by from sami's..

  10. So sweet! Love your decor! And your hubs had a sweet night planned for you!


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