Wednesday, February 6

sweet treat goodness

i love sweets.
valentines treats are probably my favorite.

here are a few cute ideas i've been pinning lately.

how cute are these thumbprint cookies.
not only are they covered in sprinkles but they are topped with sweet pink icing.

puppy chow wins every time:

and of course...duh duh duh donuts:

this is a perfect example of how cookie cutters can be multi purpose.
pancakes, sandwiches, cheesecake.

and i'm pretty sure this is going to be my co-worker gift this year:
and now my tummy is officially rumbling.
what are your favorite valentine's sweet treats?


  1. I've never had puppy chow but it looks really yummy! And anything that you don't have to bake gets 2 thumbs up in my book :)

  2. valentines day bark?!?!? WHHAAAAAATTTTT = need!
    And those dang donuts and puppy chow...gosh i'm salivating! ha.

  3. my fave are the doughnuts and heart shaped cupcakes... making me crave sweets at the top of the am... and I need to shy away from those feelings!!

  4. I love puppy chow...but never thought about making it for Valentine's Day! I think I might do this for my coworkers (just so I don't eat the entire batch!).

  5. These all look so yummy! I really need that puppy chow in my life...would make such cute gifts too!


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