Friday, February 22

a week in the life....

[one] i love when the skies are sunny and blue,
[two] i'm loving my gold chain necklace from accessory auction!
perfect pairing with practically everything i own. definitely a successful impulse buy.
[three] thursday morning at work, i was greeted with a stack of colorful oversized post it notes.
it might be nerdy, but i love me some post it notes.
[four] i'm loving my new tervis! i ordered one as a gift for a friend a few weeks back and just had to get one for myself. another etsy shop find for the win!
[five] sweet raider has been in our lives for three months now.
i love him so much i can barely stand it.
how was your week?
p.s. i've added a few new shower invites to the shop! :)


  1. I'm totally with you on the post-it notes. I'm always amazed that new office supplies illicit such excitement in my life. Just found your blog though High Five For Friday. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. I'm LOVING that necklace and tervis cup!! So stinking cute!

  3. SUPER cute shower invites!
    Loving that new necklace, it is definitely a 'wear with everything' piece! :)
    And little Raider is so cute! **squeeze!**

  4. i am also obsessed with anything monogrammed, so naturally love your tervis travel mug!

  5. I'm in love with that necklace! It's amazing, especially for an impulse buy! My impulse buys are never that adorable!

  6. Just ordered my first Tervis this week too. I also included it on my High Five for Friday :) Yours is super cute!

  7. The bridal shower invites are GORGEOUS! I'm pinning them for when my sisters get married :)

  8. love your necklace and your doggie is such a cutie!! have a great weekend!!

  9. Your gold necklace is sooo adorable!!

    Looks like we both have an obsessed love for post-its!! I'm surrounded by them at my desk and I need them whenever I'm running low... it's a must like toilet paper!!

    the font for your bridal shower invite is LOVELY!!! so cute girlie!

  10. I love post its too! Just bought a bunch of them in crazy colours.

  11. Nice- love the necklace- definitely a great impulse buy. And honestly, who doesn't like post it notes?!

  12. I love that necklace. That was definitely a good buy, girl!

  13. Love your shirt in the pic with your new necklace! Love your necklace too! And I am obsessed with post-its...such a nerdy thing but I love me some good colorful post its! And I need to check out that etsy seller because your cup is adorable!


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