Wednesday, February 13

Marital Counseling: HGTV Edition

bub-hub and i have been trying to watch more HGTV.
something about being married just makes us feel that is the responsible thing to do.
i have to say, it's been pretty interesting.
we are learning quite a bit about each other.
not that we are anywhere near ready for a home of our own,
but it's good to know what you're getting into before the pressure is really on!
who needs pre-marital counseling when you can watch HGTV?
one thing we agree on is dark, hardwood floors.
i truly love the way they warm up a room.
and we love the brick accent walls:

and how cute is this door? just makes you want to come right in and have a cup of tea.

i've never really thought of myself as a feather girl, but i could go for these:

and when i asked bub-hub for polka dot walls, he very politely said, "ummmmm you're obsessed." see....communication is key :)

perhaps he'd go for a more subtble version like this for a craft room:
raider will definitely need a comfy chair to relax in. that is a non-negotiable. :)

 someday we will be ready for a home of our own.
but until then, our apartment is perfectly wonderful.
do you have a dream home floating around in your head?


  1. I've become obsessed with HGTV too... I think it's because I'm anxious to buy a new house, ha!

  2. I LOVE HGTV and i'm so sad we don't have cable to watch it...boooooo!
    I also love dark hardwood floors, they are so classy and pretty!
    Also the second polka dot wall..SO CUTE!

  3. I just wrote a similar post not to long ago! haha...I'm so excited to get in to a house...but, I'm going to love my apartment while we're in it

  4. I LOVE HGTV! I can't wait to have a home and decorate it!

  5. I love this too!! Owning a home is SO much work (I actually talk about that in my OHP! post today)... But its so great y'all are discussing your design style now because you both have to be happy in your space! Love your ideas :)

  6. You have some gorgeous pics here- I especially LOVE the first two. Simply beautiful!

  7. This is hilarious, and So true! Sometimes when i'm scrolling through pinterest my husband will get all interested and we'll talk about design things that we love. Maybe we need to start watching hgtv to prepare us to own a house someday.

  8. Oh my gosh you are so right! My husband and I are wanting to buy a house this summer... I have been forcing him to watch House Hunters with me and look at houses online... turns out he doesn't really care too much as long as it has two bathrooms? I actually signed us up for House Hunters so maybe they will pick us!

  9. Great pins! And this is really true! It's one of those things you dont think of until you are trying to settle on a house meshing two different styles!


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